Profesjonsetikk: en tverrfaglig empirisk undersøkelse av jus- og teologistudenter


Sissel Merete Finholt-Pedersen
Foto: Ola Sæther

How do students in theology and law develop their character during their time of education? This is one of the main questions in this research project.

This phd-project is about professional ethics. The society is dependent of the professional educations to develop in our future professional workers a professional reflection and standard that make them good professional workers. Some researchers claim that the professional educations are failing the ethical and moral part of the education.
This project is a contribution in professional ethics. The project will focus on how we can help the professional educations in developing their professional workers to maintain the integrity of the profession, and as well use their profession for the best of the society. The project will study how students in law and theology develop to be virtuous humans both professionally as well as privately in the society they are a part of. The project is interdisciplinary, with ethics and psychology as the main disciplines. Virtue ethics is the theoretical frame work and the empirical study will be done as a qualitative design.

Sissel Merete Finholt-pedersen

Cand. theol.

Doktorgradsstipendiat (november 2005-), Etikkprogrammet, tilsatt ved Det teologiske fakultet.

Veileder: Professor Ulla Schmidt. Det teologiske fakultet, UiO.

Adresse: Det teologiske fakultet , Pb. 1023 Blindern, 0315 OSLO


Tlf. (arbeid): 22841963

Tidligere stipend fra Etikkprogrammet: Ja