Interkulturell kommunikasjon

(17.06.08) Kjetil Fretheim var assosiert PhD-stipendiat i Etikkprogrammet fra 2004 til 2007, med prosjektet "Rights and Riches. Exploring the Moral Discourse of Norwegian Development Aid". Han er nå førsteamanuensis i samfunnsfag ved Det teologiske menighetsfakultet, og arbeider med et forskningsprosjekt om interkulturell kommunikasjon:

Kjetil Fretheim

This project addresses the ethical aspects of intercultural communication from a postcolonial perspective. My hypothesis is that Empire is present in subtle and implicit ways in intercultural communication. Accordingly, it is critical to expose this feature of such practice and to discuss which implications ethical considerations should have on the understanding of intercultural communication. My starting point is that the presence of Empire puts a moral obligation on the relatively powerful to be aware of his or her role and function when communicating with the relatively weak and vulnerable, and to protect and promote the needs, rights and interests of the latter. The relationship between the strong and the weak, the oppressor and the oppressed, is, however, complex and ambiguous, and must be considered carefully in this context. The aim of the project is to provide a normative theory of intercultural communication that is critical of the issue of power and sensitive to its ethical aspects.






Kjetil Fretheim

Førsteamanuensis i samfunnsfag, Det teologiske menighetsfakultetet (MF), 01.08.09 -

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Tidligere stipend fra Etikkprogrammet: Kvalifiseringsstipendiat 2003

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