Brian O'Connor

Phronesis, Reason and Rule-Following

14 januar 2010 kl 1415 - Georg Sverdrups hus, Undervisningsrom 2

(09.12.2009) This paper is, essentially, a critique of the recent so-called ‘phenomenology of everyday expertise’ (PEE). Operating with the critical perspective of the ‘emancipatory interest’ (critical theory) O'Connor take issue with the contention that when engaged expertly in action – likened by PEE to phronesis – we are not following rules. PEE embraces, as an implication of this claim about phronetic action, the notion that the actions we have undertaken are not amenable to reconstruction. O'Connor argue that this prevents PEE, quite problematically, from supplying any viable conception of self-determination. It has to place the kind of deliberation required for self-determination outside the space of everyday expertise: reflective practical reason. O'Connor propose, instead, a rule-following conception of behaviour. It, by contrast, can accommodate practical reason as a reflective and rationally assessable process.


Det vil bli en uformell mottakelse rett etter forelesningen, fra ca 1615, i 4. etasje Niels Treschows hus.