The Oslo Lecture in Moral Philosophy

(17.06.09) The Oslo Lecture in Moral Philosopy is an annual event hosted by the Ethics Programme, where an internationally known philosopher gives a public lecture on a burning issue of ethical importance.


The Oslo Lecture 2010:


Axel Honneth

26 August 17.15 - 19.00
Helga Engs hus, Auditorium 1

The Fabric of Justice - Limits of Proceduralism

The article tries, in a first step, to show that the intrinsic fabric of justice doesn`t consist of distributable goods, but of commonly accepted social relations which are composed of morally loaded practices; in these practices those regards can be found which define what it means to treat another person in a fair or just manner. If this starting point is convincing, then some methodological consequences concerning the concept of justice have to be drawn which are presented in the second step: Instead of constructing a normative procedure which allows us to deduce the content of justice, we have to start by reconstructing the social practices which inform us about the respects of justice. The result will be, as indicated in a third step, a pluralisation of  our concept of justice which includes as many relevant principles of justice as there are commonly accepted and appreciated forms of social relations.


Axel Honneth er professor ved Institut für Philosophie, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, og leder av Institut für Sozialforschung ved samme universitet. Institut für Sozialforschung er den berømte Frankfurterskolens arnested.