Cheyney C. Ryan

Kant and Corporate Warfare

Torsdag 6. mars, 14.15 - 16.00,
Sted: Seminarrom 150, Harriet Holters hus.

(12.02.08) "The lecture explores some of the concerns we find (briefly) in Kant about how war should be fought, especially who soldiers should be, and asks how they might bear on the development of today's "privatized" forms of violence like corporate warfare."


Cheyney C. Ryan er professor i filosofi ved Universitetet i Oregon. Han har skrevet en rekke artikler om krigens etikk, blant annet “War: What Is It Good for?” (Ethics and International Affairs, Winter 2004) og "Pacifism, Self Defense, and the Possibility of Killing" (Ethics, Jan. 1983)