Doris Schröder

Dignity – A Concept for the 21st Century?

2 september 2010 kl 1415 - Administrasjonsbygningen, Rådssalen, 10. etasje.

(18.08.2010) Dignity is one of the most fundamental and widely recognised values in the modern world. Almost all modern constitutions make prominent reference to it and it is omnipresent in the literature and media. Yet, nowhere is it satisfactorily defined and proponents of diametrically opposed positions use it to justify their views. More recently, the concept has been attacked as useless, vague and meaningless, particularly in ethical decision-making. This lecture will give examples of the use of dignity from a wide variety of sources (literature, media, theology, philosophical debate) and ask whether it can be meaningfully defined for use in secular states. Kantian philosophy and virtue ethics will be taken as reference points to consider the role of dignity in today’s multi-cultural societies.

Doris Schröder is professor in moral philosophy at the University of Central Lancashire, and Director of the UCLAN's Centre for Professional Ethics. She is also holds a part time position at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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