Ethical aspects concerning funding and evaluation of research


Anders Strand

Although my main research project is in philosophy of science; more specifically on scientific reduction and causation in biology, my ethics project is intertwined with this main project in several ways. So far it has manifested in a paper draft on engineering ethics, presented at the Fourth International Conference on Applied Ethics in Sapporo, Japan, November 2009. The general concern is how the structuring of research funding and evaluation might increase the threshold for how and when researchers are able to bring ethical concerns of their research into proper focus.

Relevant professional experience

2009-2013: Core group member, PSBio (Philosophical Foundations of Systems Biology), UiO.    
2008-2012: Post doctoral research fellow, IFIKK/CSMN/PSBio, University of Oslo
2008-: Affiliate of CSMN, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature.
2007-2008: Gjennomføringsstipendiat, IFIKK, University of Oslo.
2004-2007: PhD research fellow, HF/IFIKK, University of Oslo.
2005-2006: Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Academic Degree

Philosophia Doctor, University of Oslo 2008


Cand. Philos. University of Oslo 2001.
Cand. Mag. University of Oslo 1998.


“Functional Stability and Systems Level Causation” with Gry Oftedal, Philosophy of Science 2009, Volume 76(5).

The Metaphysics of Mental Causation: The Exclusion Problem Revisited, Reconsidered and Resolved Acta Humaniora No.346, Unipub, Oslo 2008.

“Ernie Lepore on the Impact and Methodology of Academic Philosophy” Filosofisk Supplement Nr.2. 2008.

 “Immense Multiple Realization” in Metaphysica: International Journal for Ontology and Metaphysics Vol. 8, Nr.1, 2007, Springer Publishers.

“‘The Ruthless Reductionist’: A Conversation with John Bickle” in Filosofisk Supplement Nr.2. 2007.

Selected academic talks

“Reduction and Non-linear Phenomena”, scheduled talk at the conference “Biological Explanation – Systems, levels and Causes”, University of Oslo (PSBio/SIV), December 2009.

“Macro-approaches in engineering ethics”, with Aiko Yamashita, Sapporo, Japan, November 2009.

“The Metaphysics of Phenomenal Experience” with Carsten Hansen, Towards a Science of Consciousness 2009, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 13.06.2009.

“Reduksjonismedebatten: Gener versus systemer som årsaker” with Gry oftedal, Vitenskapsteoretisk Forum, NTNU Trondheim, 24.02.2009.

“Reduksjonismedebatten: Gener versus systemer som årsaker” with Gry Oftedal, Seminar in Science Studies, University of Oslo, 14.01.2009.

“Functional Stability and Systems Level causation” with Gry Oftedal, PSA Biennial Meeting, Pittsburgh USA, November 6-9 2008.

“How to Merge the Causal Self-sufficiency of Physics with the Causal Efficacy of Non-reducible Mental Events” ECAP6 (European Conference of Analytic Philosophy), Krakow, August 21.08.2008–26.08.2008.

“Kausalitet” at BMMS Colloquium (Center for Biostatistical Modeling in the Medical Sciences), UiO, 24.04.2008.

Teaching Experience

2009: FIL4200/10/20, master course in philosophy of science, IFIKK, UiO.
2008: Introduction to Social Science, Kulturakademiet, Rome, Italy.
2007: FIL4100/10/20, master course in metaphysics and philosophy of mind”, IFIKK, UiO.
2005: Master/PhD course in philosophy of mind, UiO. Collaboration with Carsten Hansen, Øistein Galaaen and Lars Reinholdtsen.
2002: Master course in philosophy of mind, UiO. Collaboration with Øistein Galaaen.



Anders strand

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